Global mandates are driving industry change and influencing consumer habits. The World Health Organization has recommended a global reduction in sodium intake.1

countries have reduced sodium and/or bought more low sodium products, in the last year, to try to be healthier.

countries have set sodium target levels on processed foods.


  • Government Agencies
  • Country specific regulations
  • Retail Guidelines
  • Increased Consumer Education
  • Packaging/Product Labeling
  • Corporate Initiatives

Manufacturers must be able to quickly adapt their product portfolios.

Salona low sodium sea salt is a natural sea salt from ICL Food Specialties that allows for up to 50% replacement of sodium chloride and as a full replacement for potassium chloride. It is generally substituted as a one for one replacement for sodium chloride and potassium chloride.

Due to its unique structure and balance of cations, Salona delivers acceptable flavor in many applications and markets. In addition to its benefit for sodium reduction, Salona provides both magnesium and potassium for fortification, both key minerals associated with health benefits.

Extensive sensory work to fully characterize the flavor of Salona compared to NaCl and KCl shows that with its complementary mineral salts, Salona achieves a balanced sensory profile that minimizes off flavors which may be associated with other salt replacers.

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